Portrait of Vile: Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham, son of evangelical minister Billy Graham, holds a special place in the portraits of vile. Graham claims that he’s about god first, but it’s hardly true. Just scroll his social media feed and you’ll see 90%+ of his posts are political. While his “savior” said “…my kingdom is not of this world” (John 18:36) Franklin is obsessed with the kingdom of the world. He is obsessed with American politics.

His posts aren’t just “political,” they are significantly biased. He doesn’t raise a topic and then cite 2 or three different perspectives. He cites only one perspective, and drives home only one idea. That’s called bias. Whether you agree with it or not, Graham isn’t about being fair, logical or reasonable.

While Graham recently posted a quote from his father, which reads, “God is still on the throne… I don’t put my trust in Washington. I don’t put my trust in the United Nations…I don’t put trust in my money. I put my trust in the Lord Jesus Christ,” he acts contradictory. Graham is obsessed with political power, bending knee to Donald Trump. Graham filters news, focusing only on items that defend his perspective, to push a political dogma.

Franklin Graham is imbedded in conservative politics. The vast majority of Franklin’s posts are trying to sway his audience (millions of Christians) into voting a specific way.

Franklin Graham has defended Donald Trump at every turn, even suggesting in 2016 that he was the only Christian choice.” In 2016, Graham did damage control for Trump, making light of Trump’s “pussy grabbing” comments.

Franklin Graham has used his position of authority to further control the minds of Christians. The result is a psychotic christian that at one time praises the forgiveness they were given, and at the same time casts stones at those they deem sinners. If you’re white, strait, male, American Christian, you probably like the guy… the rest will find him to be the toilet water of evangelical society.

If you doubt his political bias, follow his public social media feed on Facebook. It’s almost entirely a conservative soap box. I captured a few recent tidbits to showcase his views, but you can see the entirety of it via Facebook [link].

Franklin Graham is disgusting. He preys upon the needs of weak minded people, offering up their own problems, as god-like qualities. In 2016 he defended Trump’s comments on killing the women and children of terrorists. He defended the border wall and defended wars against Muslim countries.

By omitting actual controversies about his political party, and only framing the party in a positive light, Graham is not leading his followers to truth, nor is Graham leading his followers towards Individual conclusions. He is instead conducting thought programming. Such is the stuff of cults.

Consider Franklin Graham’s position on the Black Lives Matter movement:

By these actions I call out Franklin Graham and cast him as he is, a cowardly, twisted old fool, who should have his tax-exempt status removed immediately. He certainly is not unbiased and that’s what makes him especially vile. He takes a message people believe is infallible (Christianity) and yokes it to you political views (thereby making those equally infallible).

Everything Franklin Graham writes is a misguided. Consider a recent posting about a woman banned from a park for dropping christian indoctrination leaflets, he turned the situation into an example of “religious intolerance.” The real story, however, was that she wasn’t banned for talking about her faith, but for littering. Not only that, but the teachings of jesus forbids what Graham was saying. According to their own scripture, if people don’t want to hear your “word of god,” the christian is instructed to leave peacefully. You are not to sue, bring it up to the public, cry about it, ask for government aid in your quest to dominate unbelievers.

The only good that comes from Graham, is the fact he’s created so many new anti-Christians. So many new atheists, pagans… people are leaving the Christian faith due to the falsehoods of fellows like him.