Clarifying Paul’s Misogyny


Christians often bother me when they judge and condemn others. Recently I came across a video of an egotistical christian who blurts out in the video, “god can kill whomever he wishes, he created us.” It’s the old god is good, but really he’s a villain, but I’m too scared […]

The “god is good” Logic Error


One can be on the search for a deity. However, when one’s doctrine is a dogmatic book written long ago, and when one projects the literal interpretation of that book onto others, the result is rarely positive. Many people I deal with in online debates suffer from the error of […]

Addressing Christians on Repentance


My response to a Christian video that is targeting other christians: I read the warning on your video “If you are on this channel trolling this videos…” While I am not leaving “hate” (that’s god’s role in life), I am going to leave truth. You will most likely censor it, […]

Christians who defend Child Murder

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UPDATE: The YouTuber in question began censoring my comments. Predictable. Evidently he can’t defend his bible. It always astounds me how far a christian will go to defend killing children (in the name of god), but attack a woman for birth control or having an abortion. If it was a […]

Why does God need Blood?


Here is one of the least asked questions, that has no descent answer: Why does god need blood? Think about it carefully. Review the bible and we see a story of animal sacrifice from the myth of the garden of eden. Once ejected from “the garden,” god demands blood. Abraham […]

Cherry Picking


The term cherry picking is about picking and choosing what is convenient. Specifically about Christianity, it is a concept of selective verse picking, in order to sell an idea or concept. Many years ago, when I was still friendly towards Christianity, I found myself in situations where I attempted to […]