Addressing Christians on Repentance


My response to a Christian video that is targeting other christians: I read the warning on your video “If you are on this channel trolling this videos…” While I am not leaving “hate” (that’s god’s role in life), I am going to leave truth. You will most likely censor it, […]

Christians who defend Child Murder

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UPDATE: The YouTuber in question began censoring my comments. Predictable. Evidently he can’t defend his bible. It always astounds me how far a christian will go to defend killing children (in the name of god), but attack a woman for birth control or having an abortion. If it was a […]

“God can do what he wants!”


Today, in Franklin Graham’s lair (FB Page), I saw he posted another diatribe on abortion. I posted that the abrahamic god is not pro-life and cited several passages where god kills children, women, and men. More than that though, this same god demands his people kill women, children and men. […]

Cherry Picking


The term cherry picking is about picking and choosing what is convenient. Specifically about Christianity, it is a concept of selective verse picking, in order to sell an idea or concept. Many years ago, when I was still friendly towards Christianity, I found myself in situations where I attempted to […]

America is Not a Christian Nation


Often heard in political rallies among conservative christians, is this notion that the christian must get involved in politics. They must vote, and vote republican. Why? Because “American values are at risk.” But is America a christian nation to begin with? The lazy answer points to American currency that reads, […]

What about ‘Good Christians’


I won’t pretend that all christians are villains. While there are many who prey on the weaker, the timid ( the bible sets up people to be their victims, calling for submission in women and children), there are nice people who follow the faith. This fact, that there are nice […]

Red Letters


Filed under “argument,” one of the classic defenses of christianity, is the notion that “yes there is negative and evil teachings in the bible, but the reader should focus on the positive, only the things that Jesus taught.” This is the red letter defense, named after some bibles who print […]