Los Angeles Pastor arrested on multiple charges of Child Molestation


HACIENDA HEIGHTS, Calif. – The head pastor of a Hacienda Heights church was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a girl when she was 12 through 18 years old, and two additional victims have been identified, authorities announced Wednesday.   For more on this story… https://www.foxla.com/news/hacienda-heights-pastor-arrested-on-child-molestation-charges-detectives-seek-additional-victims https://www.foxla.com/news/hacienda-heights-pastor-arrested-on-child-molestation-charges-detectives-seek-additional-victims

Hyde Park Baptist Church sued for 2 Counts of Assault


HYDE PARK – Jonathan Alan Weaver, the former senior pastor at the Hyde Park Baptist Church, has been arrested on two counts of assault and battery and the parish is the defendant in a civil lawsuit filed under the Child Victims Act (CVA) by former parishioner Shielagh Clark.  Clark was known as Shielagh Thompson […]

Former Smithfield pastor charged with child molestation


SMITHFIELD — The retired pastor of a church in Smithfield is charged with molesting a young girl. Police on Friday morning arrested Archie Emerson, 75, the retired pastor of Ocean State Baptist Church, on charges of second-degree child molestation. According to a police news release, detectives had received a complaint […]

S. Korean Pastor Arrested for Coronavirus Coverup


A South Korean sect leader was arrested Saturday for allegedly hiding information about a coronavirus outbreak at his Christian church. Lee Man-hee, the 88-year-old leader of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus, has been charged with tampering with the investigation into the coronavirus cluster, including ordering church officials to not identify […]

Why does God need Blood?


Here is one of the least asked questions, that has no descent answer: Why does god need blood? Think about it carefully. Review the bible and we see a story of animal sacrifice from the myth of the garden of eden. Once ejected from “the garden,” god demands blood. Abraham […]

Christians, Racism and Slavery


Throughout many a post here on this site, I’ve brought up time and time again that bible based views are often prone to racism and political contamination. Political christianity has given rise to faith based slave ownership, faith based backing of violence against other races and so on. Christians often […]

Franklin Graham on BLM – Is this Racism?


If you are watching Franklin Graham’s social media feed on Facebook, you’ll see all his biased push of one side of the racial situation in America right now. Graham hides the news about cops running down protesters in their cars, driving by spraying chemical irritants on them, pushing them down, […]

Cherry Picking


The term cherry picking is about picking and choosing what is convenient. Specifically about Christianity, it is a concept of selective verse picking, in order to sell an idea or concept. Many years ago, when I was still friendly towards Christianity, I found myself in situations where I attempted to […]

Pastor charged with distribution of child pornography


GODFREY, Ill. (KMOV.com) — A Madison County pastor is charged with distributing pornography after a federal complaint was filed and a year-long investigation. Steven P. Tibbetts, 61, served as the head pastor at Resurrection Lutheran Church in Godfrey. According to his attorney, Tibbetts was “released of all duties, pastoral or […]

Origins of Christianity

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Christians cite the Hebrew Scriptures as their starting point. They gleefully think that the Bible (which was constructed to be self-evident) predicted Jesus. Using the prophetic books of the Old Testament, and the stories of animal sacrifice, a theology is woven together about a “son of god,” who would save […]