This site is about the lies of Christianity. While there are “good Christians” here and there, the majority are angry, bigoted people who care little for others and have aligned to a political bias far from their marketed ideals.

Those “marketed ideals,” are what they preach at you on your doorstep. They knock on the door, or walk up to you in a public are and begin a discourse as to “do you know where you’re headed? What happens when you die? Jesus loves you and he died for you. This is a religion of love and compassion.” It sounds good until you realize it’s a a lie. The church is built upon fear mongering, politics and bigotry.

Politicians have found a pot of gold with Christians. Christian are easily manipulated by fear. This has led them into a political alignment, to where most christians become radicalized in a right-wing bias.

This Site

I purchased this domain in 2020. I have no connection to any sites that may have existed under this domain name, prior to my purchase. My words are my own.

This site promotes logic, reason and to replace the Bible as an ethical standard in society and government, with better standards, better ethical standards. While I encourage the destruction of one’s personal bible, I do not encourage the destruction of another person’s property (which is criminal vandalism).

The goals of this site is in education of what the Bible really is, deal with it internally and destroy one’s connection to a failing faith.

In such a way the Bible can be destroyed symbolically (psychologically) or one may feel motivated to tear and render a bible they own, to trash

My Background

I was raised in a Christian home, my father an evangelical minister of the Assemblies of God churches. He passed in 2016, and to be honest he was one of the kindest people I’ve ever known.

The “Good Christian” Problem

My father was a great example of the best of his faith, yet in a way he was also an example of the problem with the faith. The bible can be interpreted in many different ways, this is the problem. One person (like my father) preached a message of love, while others (such as my mother) preached a totalitarian, political message of intolerance. Each group will cite the Bible for their own views. This is the danger… the Bible can be used to massacre millions, or feed the hungry. It lacks consistency, and therefore should be destroyed.


Early on, I began to have issues with my parent’s faith. Growing up in the church I saw the good and the bad. I saw the racism. My father loved people, but I remember a day when he visited an old church he used to pastor. An elderly African American woman came up to my father. She had baked him a pie, just for him. After she left, several family members near my father, laughed and called her the N word. My father, who could never find a voice to condemn people, just smirked in silence.

It wasn’t just my family that expressed racism, I saw it throughout the church system. African Americans, Mexicans and the like were fine, as long as they “knew their place.” While those words may not have been said out loud, it was the actions of my family, and other church goers that embodied that sentiment… and if you think “well that isn’t like Jesus,” think again. Jesus never condemned slavery, racism or bigotry. Paul, who came after Jesus and is quoted more often than Jesus, demands “slaves obey your masters.”

Satanic Panic

As a teenager, I grew up during the Satanic Panic (in the 1980’s). This was when Christians were driven by hysteria into panicking over false information about Satanism. They saw “Satanists” everywhere. People were persecuted, books were burned, music was destroyed, all in the name of Christianity. I myself was harmed.

One of my brothers came to visit me. I was a teenager and he and his wife chose a time to visit when my father was away. This brother never visited me before, so I was excited. He took me out for ice cream, and while I was out, his curious wife went through my room. She tossed it, looking for “bad things.”

When we arrived home, my sister-in-law was in the family room highlighting passages from my Roleplaying books. My brother’s convenance fell dark. He took me to my room and told me to stay until I was called for. I sat alone, in silence for hours.

When I was called, I walked into the living room to see a fire burning in the fireplace. My brother was standing in front of it, scowling at me. His wife looked concerned and my evangelical mother was tuned out, staring out a window in her rocking chair.

I was put on a makeshift trial. I was asked if I ever did the “spells” in the Roleplaying game! If I had, they told me, “you will need an exorcism.” That sent concerning. A child in the area had died from a makeshift exorcism prior to that.

I was asked to explain various parts of the game taken out of context. At one point, my brother told me that I needed to burn these games and books to show I’m not under their control. I refused.

He brought up exorcism again, “if you don’t burn these books, then you must be exorcised to get the demons out of you.” Given the choice, at 13 years old, I agreed to burn the books. As they burned, my brother grinned, “look at the demons in the fire… they are running away!” There were no demons, except what was in his own mind.

Mid Years

While in college, I began to see their faith differently. The teachings of their “savior” were not about amassing money, or having power, or being political. Instead their savior was teaching to not be attached to the things of the world, to not get involved with governmental actions (i.e. taxes) and to be focused on their spiritual life. This was very different from my parent’s views, who were both extreme Republicans. My mother was a Republican first and Christian second, type of woman.

When I was getting married to my first wife, who was African American, one of my brothers (the one who made me burn books) wrote me a letter. The letter was about our racial heritage and that I was destroying the family blood line by my actions… as (he stated), “your wife is born of the mark of Cain. Mixing our pure bloodline with hers is an abomination.”

My wife knew of the letter and she was concerned about it. In time our marriage began to have problems and we divorced.

After the divorce, I wanted to really understand life. I felt the Bible had no answers, so I looked elsewhere. That lead me to Buddhism, then Hinduism. I jumped into a variety of different religions and spiritual groups (pagan, mystical, western).

Later Life

Although I had moved on from Christianity in the early 2000’s, I still had a soft spot for the faith. I thought that it was redeemable and that aggressive christians just misunderstood the Bible.

At one point I came across the website www.evilbible.com . Through that site, I was introduced to verses in the Bible I never knew of…. I was shocked. Growing up in the church, son of a minister, even I didn’t know about verses allowing rape, murder and child murder – all in the name of god.

More Racism

After my 2nd marriage I began to see more racism. My hispanic wife and I visited my parent’s Assemblies of God church. My father, by this time, was retired and simply attended the church.

In that service, there was a moment where people were asked to shake hands with someone knew. A man walked up to my wife and said with a southern accent, “Where YOU from GIRL?”

She responded with a general city we lived in. He leaned forward and laughed in her face, “NAH, You from Tijuana!” The way his voice and face jeered, we could tell he wasn’t happy about her being there.

A few years later, I was taking care of my father after an accident. We were at lunch and he saw some friends from church. He brought me over to introduce me at their table. The one fellow said, “I was just talking about how a MEXICAN once ruined my father’s hands because he couldn’t read a lick of English and didn’t set the machine up right. My father lost the use of his hands that day.” The way he said Mexican, is with the same inflection of someone saying cockroach. It was in disgust.

I met a pastor of a Religious Science church, who told me that for years he was denied pastorship due to being black. He walked up on a room where the board was deciding if they should appoint him to pastor… and he overheard them talking about this being “the first time they’d ever have a black man as pastor,” and they were very concerned about it.

One might argue, well this sounds like a society problem, not a religious problem. I disagree. It is both. The bible defends all of this behavior. The KKK, white nationalists and others, utilize the Bible to defend their anger towards other races, and their bigotry towards other sexual orientations.

What I rarely experienced was Christian compassion. Growing up in the church I saw it in my father, but few others. Most people quoted the Bible to defend their anger and bigotry. They quote Paul to defend not feeding the homeless. They quote the Old Testament to defend violence against gay people.

When you realize that the kind teachings of Jesus amount to 0.001% of the words of the Bible, then it puts the Bible into perspective. What is the theme of the 99.99% of the Bible? It’s a theme of hate, anger, intolerance, murder, rape and cruelty.


In the mid 2010’s, I began to see a movement in Christians to openly hate immigrants. I saw people standing on the Mexican/American border, screaming, “you’re not wanted. Return to sender!” They were screaming at children asking for help and aid.

I talked with defenders of that behavior… I pointed out that Jesus talked about “letting the stranger in,” and “helping others, feeding the hungry.” Each time I was told “you’re cherry picking the Bible.” I argued they were… but then… it began to click.

We both were cherry picking the Bible. For me I was cherry picking the words of Jesus to make a theme of love and compassion. For them, they were cherry picking the Bible to make a message of hate. Who was right?

2016 was an election year where American Christians went nuts. They became openly hostile to others. Their voices were stoked by propaganda speakers (Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell, and many others). Evangelical christians showed up in the millions to vote in the complete opposite of their marketed ideals.

They cheered on social media, and with this election they thought they had a stronger backbone then ever before. Openly attacking people who think or worship different, I saw the bad behavior of christians become like the Satanic Panic era.


By 2019 I was burned out of the religious movement, and settled down to a path of isolated self discovery. I had no master, no guru, no pastor. I was on my own and in that there was freedom.

Burning My Bible

In 2019 I came to a realization that despite my departure from Christianity 15+ years prior, I still had held on to the faith. The faith was still my filter, showing me reality through its lens.

I needed to reclaim my Personal Sovereignty.

In 2019 I burned the first bible ever given me by my parents. I had cherished it after my father passed in 2016. For me it was a reminder to my past, but it was also a fetter holding me back.

I struggled with what to do with the Bible, but as I saw Christianity unmasked I began to re-evaluate the Bible. With a clear mind, no influence, I read through those concerning verses that I despised. I read about the mass murder instructions from “god,” the demands for blood sacrifice, the allowance for rape and sexual abuses and I was angry. I grew completely pissed off.

Reading each problematic verse, I tore it out and spit upon it… Proclaiming my hatred for the intolerance, I burned the pages over a flame. Psychologically, I was drawing my energy back… all that energy I had invested since I was a child was pulled back to me. I kept burning and saved the Ephesians 6:5 for last, proclaiming, “I am no slave!” The remainder of my bible was desecrated. I poured the hot, black candle wax drippings over the cover, acknowledging this old path was gone.

At first I felt a sensation like being in a vacuum. My old path, that path that had been so much a part of my life was now gone. I didn’t relate to friends and family that still held to their Christian world-view (even if they weren’t christians anymore).

Over time I adjusted to the new path and relaxed into knowing that I was my own master.

Why Project Anti-Bible Sentiment?

My personal path, is just that, personal. So why bring out a website dedicated to the destruction of the Bible? Why address christian views and destroy them with logic and reason?

Because there is no balance. America is heavily influenced by Christianity. Since 2016 a new wave of ultra conservatism took rise with Christianity. People, self-identified as Christians, stood on the Mexican American border screaming at children, “you aren’t welcome here. Return to sender!”

These very same Christians are also knocking on your door with their fake smiles, asking, “have you heard of Jesus? He loves you.”

This site addresses all the problems of the faith.

I said my father was a great man, and he was, but his faith was flawed. He overlooked the negative aspects of the faith, which other Christians were not. While some dismiss Paul’s notions of slavery, other Christians (white nationalists, for example) embraced it. While some Christians believed in feeding the hungry, other’s quoted Paul’s writings on not feeding people who do not work.

Because the Bible is a mishmash of opposing ideas, almost any behavior can be defended by the Bible – even sexual assault. Women in the Bible were treated as objects owned by men. If a woman was not betrothed (owned), she was available to be raped. It was in a woman’s best interest too find a man to take ownership of her, so she couldn’t be forcibly abused.

While some Christians quote something from the New Testament to defend a “Pro-Life” stance, the overall religion of that same god demanded the murder of children (Numbers 31).

This inconsistency of the faith, mixed with the intolerant of their adherents drove me to create this blog. I wanted a place to show people what the Bible really is. There are very dark passages where god demanded people murder others in his name, kill children, slaughter animals as blood sacrifices, force women to have their head covered, keep women silent, acknowledge slavery as a viable form of behavior; the list is long.

I also wanted to offer strategies for people in dealing with Christians. I know this is hard for many to accept. Each of the passages is quoted and linked to for users to search on their own, or look into the context of each passage.

One final thought, I’m also including a section for pastors arrested. Prior to the quarantine, I found that on average 6 Christian pastors were arrested each day. The common charge for these pastors is sexual abuse of others. These aren’t some rare offenses by congregants. These are church leaders, guilty of major sexual crimes and it’s happening often. Many times these pastors are the most angry, hostile, right-wing politically motivated individuals.

What can you expect though, from a religion that can be summed up as, “I’m not perfect, just forgiven.” Hence the danger of Christian ideology. While I understand the allure of Christian holidays, the nice Christian volunteer helping people, and those who honestly seek to be better people; the truth is the religion is a reflection of whatever a person wants to express. If they want to express judgmental hatred, then they can find a verse for that. Likewise, if they want to express love and compassion they can find a verse for that. This makes the religion completely inconsistent, and allows for people to be their worst.

With all that in mind, how can we expect a government to make “Christian” decisions? Why elect Christian’s to government? Why demand Christian ideals be infused into public policies, schools or organizations?

Hence the reason this blog exists.